We may struggle to attain the extraordinary skills of Sugar Ray Robinson or Muhammad Ali, but we will become super fit trying! I don’t teach boxercise - I will train you to become an accomplished boxer. As you workout as a boxer, you will become fitter, stronger and more agile. As you become fitter, stronger and more agile, will we become a better boxing!


All the greats started by learning the fundamentals. Their slick, well-honed skills are built upon a strong foundation. With each practice, your fitness and skills will improve. I teach techniques to keep you fit for the rest of your life. 

Lessons include;

  • Warm up, strength and agility drills.
  • How to jump rope like a pro.
  • Slick footwork skills for great mobility.
  • Shadow boxing.
  • How to deliver a knockout punch!
  • Working the speed and heavy bags.
  • Sharpening your reactions on the focus mitts.
  • Slick defensive techniques to avoid getting hit.
  • Street defensive applications.
  • And much, much more!